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Sanatan Dharma (सनातन धर्मं) is a devine code of conduct established by the dearest lord. In it there are various Shrutis Smritis Dharma Shastras who glorify the devinity of cows & fruits of serving them. Cows (गऊ माता ), are a symbol of abundance & all sanctity of life on earth, that serves the beings like a mother without asking much in return. It is a part of Ancient traditions to avoid/ reject consumption of beef.

Hinduism is based on the concept of omnipresence of the Divine, and the presence of a soul in all creatures, including bovines. Thus, by that definition, killing any animal would be a sin: one would be obstructing the natural cycle of birth and death of that creature, and the creature would have to be reborn in that same form because of its unnatural death. Historically, even Krishna, one of the most revered forms of the Divine (Avatar), tended cows.


A Cow is said to be the abode of all the Gods. Every atom in cow’s body is abode of the 33 crore Gods. All the 14 mythical worlds exist in the limbs of cow.

  • Brahma and Vishnu on the root of two horns.

  • All the sacred reservoirs and Vedavyasa on the tips of the horns. .

  • Lord Shankara on the centre head. .

  • Parvathi on the edge of head. .

  • Kartikeya on the nose, Kambala and Ashwatara Devas on the nostrils. .

  • Ashwini Kumaras on the ears. .

  • Sun and Moon in the eyes. .

  • Vayu in dental range and Varuna on the tongue. .

  • Saraswathi in the sound of cow. .

  • Sandhya goddesses on the lips and Indra on the neck. .

  • Raksha Ganas on the hanging under the neck. .

  • Sadhya Devas in the heart. .

  • Dharma on the thigh. .

  • Gandharvas in the gap of hoofs, Pannaga at the tips, Apsaras on the sides. .

  • Eleven Rudras and Yama on the back, Ashtavasus in the crevices. .

  • Pitru Devas on the ides of umbilical joint, 12 Adityas on the stomach area. .

  • Soma on the tail, Sun rays on the hair, Ganga in its urine, Lakshmi and Yamuna in the dung, Saraswathi in milk, Narmada in curd, and Agni in ghee.

  • 33 crore Gods in the hair.

  • Prithwi in stomach, oceans in the udder, Kamadhenu in the whole body.

  • Three Gunas in the root of the brows, Rishis in the pores of hair, and all the sacred lakes in the breathe. .

  • Chandika on the lips and Prajapathi Brahma on the skin.

  • Fragrant flowers on nostrils.

  • Sadhya Devas on the arm-pit.

  • Six parts of Vedas on the face, four Vedas on the feet, Yama on the top of the hoofs, Kubera and Garuda on the right, Yakshas on the left and Gandharvas inside.

  • Khecharas in the fore of the foot, Narayana in intestine, mountains in the bones, Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha in the feet. .

  • Four Vedas in the Hoom… sound.

There are 7 mothers listed in scriptures. They are…



‘adau mata guru-patni, brahmani raja-patnika dhenur dhatri tatha prthvi saptaita matarah’ Meaning:

Real mother & Guru-patni, the wife of spiritual master or teacher. Brahmani, the wife of a brahmana, and Raja-patnika, the queen. Dhenu, the cow, Dhatri, nurse, as well as theEarth. Earth is mother because she gives us so many things like fruits, flowers, grains for our eating. Mother gives milk & food for eating. Cow gives us milk. So cow is also one of our mothers.

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