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COW IN VEDAS: In the Vedas, Cow is called Aditi, Dhenuvu, Aghnaaya etc. ‘Cow is refered in the Rg Veda 723 times, in Yajurveda 87 times, In Sama Veda 170 times, in Athrava Veda 331 times-total 1331 times. Similarly 20 times in Rg Veda, 5 times in Yajurveda, 2 times in Sama veda and 33 times in Athrava veda the word Aghnaaya specifically addressed to cow. “Dhenu” is used 76 times in Rg Veda, 22 times in Yajurveda, 25 times in Sama Veda, 43 times in Atharva Veda. The meaning of Dhenu is which gives Trupti (Contentment and satisfaction).


  • Cattle were important to Rig Vedic people & several hymns refer to more than ten thousan cattle.

  • Rig Veda 7.95.2. and other verses (e.g. 8.21.18) also mention that the Sarasvati region poured milk and “fatness” (ghee), indicating that cattle were herded in this region.

  • In the Rig Veda, the cows figure frequently as symbols of wealth, and also in comparison with river goddesses, e.g. in 3.33.1cd, Like two bright mother cows who lick their young, Vipas and Sutudri speed down their waters.

  • In X.87.16 we find: One who partakes of human flesh, the flesh of a horse or of another animal and deprives others from milk by slaughtering cows ; if such a fiend does not desist then even cut off their heads by your powers Oh king.

  • According to Aurobindo, in the Rig Veda the cows sometimes symbolize “light” and “rays”. Aurobindo wrote that Aditi (the supreme Prakriti/Nature force) is described as a cow, and the Deva or Purusha (the supreme being/soul) as a bull.

  • The Vedic god Indra is often compared to a bull. Rivers are often likened to cows in the Rigveda, Vyasa said: Cows are sacred. They are embodiments of merit. They are high and most efficacious cleansers of all.

  • मैं समझदार मनुष्य कोकहे देता हूँ की तू बेचारी बेकसूर गायकी हत्या मत कर, वह अदिति हैं अर्थात काटने- चीरने योग्य नहीं हैं

  • मनुष्य अल्पबुद्धि होकर गाय को मारे कांटे नहीं

  • गोए वधालय में न जाये

  • Cow brings us health and prosperity. 1.164.27)

  • There should be excellent facility for pure water for Aghnya Cow. (5.83.8)

  • The Aghnya cows which are not to be killed under any circumstances may keep themselves healthy by use of pure water and green grass, so that we may be endowed with virtues, knowledge and wealth. (Rigveda 1.164.40 or Atharv 7.73.11 or Atharv 9.10.20)

The entire 28th Sukta or Hymn of 6th Mandal of Rigveda sings the glory of cow.
  • Everyone should ensure that cows are free from miseries and kept healthy.

  • God blesses those who take care of cows.

  • Even the enemies should not use any weapon on cows

  • No one should slaughter the cow

  • Cow brings prosperity and strength

  • If cows keep healthy and happy, men and women shall also keep disease free and prosperous

  • May the cow eat green grass and pure water. May they not be killed and bring prosperity to us.



  • Cow’s body is represented by various devas and other subjects.

  • VIII.6.23 : Those who eat cooked or uncooked flesh, who eat eggs and embryos are following an evil addiction that must be put to an end.

  • It is definitely a great sin to kill innocents. Do not kill our cows, horses and people. — 10.1.29

  • Oh Goddess cow you make a weak person strong,you make a glowless person beautiful and not only that you-; you with your auspicious sounds make our homes auspicious. {4.21}

  • जो (वृद्ध) गाय को घर में पकाता हैं उसके पुत्र मर जाते हैं

  • जो बैलो को नहीं खातावह कस्त में नहीं पड़ता हैं

  • वे लोग मूढ़ हैं जो कुत्ते से या गाय के अंगों से यज्ञ करते हैं

आ गावो अग्मन्नुत भद्रकम्रन् सीदंतु गोष्मेरणयंत्वस्मे । प्रजावतीः पुरुरूपा इहस्स्युरिंद्राय पूर्वीरुष्सोदुहानाः ॥
यूयं गावो मे दयथा कृशं चिदश्रीरं चित्कृणुथा सुप्रतीकम् । भद्र गृहं कृणुथ भद्रवाचो बृहद्वो वय उच्यते सभासु ॥
(Atharvana Veda 4-21-11 and 6)
Oh Cows! With your milk and ghee you make the physically weak strong, and nurture the sick to health. With your sacred utterances, you chastise our homes. Your glory is discussed in gatherings.
वशां देवा उपजीवंति वशां मनुष्या उप । वशेदं सर्वं भवतु यावतु सूर्यो विपश्यति ॥
(Atharvana Veda 10-10-34)
The Gods and men live on cow products. Till the Sun shines, the universe will have Cows. The whole universe depends on the support of cow.
सा नो मंद्रेषमूर्जम् दुहाना ।
धेनुर्वा गस्मानुष सुष्टुतैतु ॥
She is Kamadhenu – the divine cow that fulfils all our desires. Her body is of cow and face is of a woman. She was born before the amrutha when the ocean was churned. Her hair exudes fragrance. From her udder she showers Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. She is an abode to self-knowledge, shelters, Sun, Moon and Fire God. All the Gods and the living beings depend on her. She provides us with food and supreme knowledge even when we mildly pray. Let her be near us.



  • A human being should not kill Cows & other animals & should ensure nobody else does –12.73

  • Do not kill cows and bulls who always deserve to be protected. — 13.49

  • Destroy those who kill cows.– 30.18 – गोहत्यारे को प्राण दंड दो

  • You must not use your God-given body for killing God’s (*innocent)creatures,whether they are human, animal or whatever.

सा विश्वाय़ूः सा विश्वकर्मा सा विश्वधायाः।
(Shulka Yajurveda 1-4)
That cow would augment the life span of the sages involved in the sacrifices and the doer of the sacrifices. Cow coordinates all the rituals of the sacrifices. By providing offerings like milk, cow nourishes all the Gods of the sacrifices.
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